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About Us

A social-economic welfare cooperative, COLAEL is an online and offline saving and credits cooperative tasked with enhancing the economic expansion and SME development in our community. With the development of jobs, financial support, social welfare support, and economic empowerment for members, we hope to address the problems that members of traditional cooperative societies experience.

We are a unique and exceptional cooperative organization that offers our members a sizable market platform, bringing cooperative to your door, enhancing our members' social and economic well-being, and offering comfort and return for their labor-intensive investments. In addition, COLAEL is a cooperative that goes above and beyond the norm, advancing the cashless policy economy through internet banking.

By developing simple and equitable saving programs that would benefit our consumers, COLAEL, which is run by and for people to provide inexpensive finance to our members, aims to instill saving habits into the current system. So, not only would saving be simple, but getting loans would also be far simpler than you may imagine.

Joining our cooperative allows you to connect with a network of committed individuals who will support the development of your business and career to the level you desire.

Be Flexible

We are always looking for reasons to support small businesses. We've also built our solutions to fit the evolving needs of a growing business, with top-ups and repayment holidays available as a matter of course.

Be Transparent

Our open communication style guarantees that we won't overpromise and that our service lives up to expectations, enabling consumers to make the best decision for their company.

Go the extra mile

We firmly believe in consistently going above and beyond for our clients and coworkers.

Grow together

We are aware that success in finance is simply one step in the right direction for our consumers. So, to help SMEs flourish, we have expanded our portfolio with new tools and resources.

To provide young professionals, business owners, and SME owners with access to a steady flow of private capital that would serve as a source of credit and investment opportunities even in a volatile economic environment, COLAEL was founded.

We are dedicated to fostering better personal saving and investing practices at COLAEL, a multipurpose cooperative organization that has gone digital.

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