About - Colael

About Us

COLAEL is an online / offline savings and credits cooperative, a social economic welfare cooperative that is saddle with the responsibility of improving the economic growth and development of the SME in our society.

We aim at providing solution to the challenges faced by the conventional cooperative society members, providing economic empowerment, social welfare assistance, job creation, and financial support for members.

We are a distinct and special cooperative society providing large Market platform for members bringing cooperative to your doorstep, improving social economic welfare of our members and providing comfort and profit for their hard earn money.

COLAEL is a cooperative beyond the usual through internet banking enhancing the cashless policy economy.

Becoming a member of our cooperative gives you the opportunity of accessing the world of focused people helping to build your business and carrier to your desired height in life.

Colael is a cooperative that is open to all categories of people be it TRADERS, ARTISANS, PROFESSIONALS AND CIVIL SERVANTS. Joining us will be rewarding and highly profitable to you to achieve your goals. ... COLAEL one coop, one WORLD.