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Access flexible loan options and unlock opportunities for personal and business growth within our cooperative community.

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Target Savings

Loan programs at Colael Multipurpose Cooperative Society are distinguished by their lower loan sizes. Approximately six months pass before repayment is due. Generally speaking, there isn't much of an administrative framework, and the entire procedure is participatory.

Compared to most commercial loan contracts, the terms and circumstances of the loan arrangement agreed upon with the borrowers are noticeably less restrictive and less onerous. Despite this, the agreement is thorough and comprehensive, protecting Colael Multipurpose Cooperative Society's legal rights and financial stability to the fullest extent possible.


Ongoing support

As part of the funding package, we provide continuing support to our borrowers for the duration of the loan at no additional cost.

Flexible loan packages can be set up to accommodate various circumstances. However, we think that effective lending calls for more than just sympathetic funding.

We offer low rates and take into account each borrower's unique situation. Unlike many lenders, we don't ask for personal guarantees, and we reinvest our profits to keep doing what we do.

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