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Rotational Savings

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Rotational Savings

According to popular belief, money was never a problem in earlier ages due to communal finance and the confidence established through shared credit and savings.

People who move to different nations carry their version of ROSCA with them. Rotational savings helps people adapt to living abroad by providing them with financial and social support from others who share their culture.

Rotational savings, often known as ROSCA (Rotating Savings and Credit Association), is a collective of people who make financial contributions to a shared fund.

Each person makes a financial contribution to a pooled fund, and at predetermined intervals, the funds are distributed among the members. The member who borrows the money will ultimately pay back their share into the organization so the following member can withdraw their half.

Let's take the case of a group of 10 people who join forces to fund a rotational savings plan. Every month, each member contributes NGN 10,000, and one member is chosen to withdraw the whole NGN 100,000 at the end of the month. Up to that point, the same procedure is performed.

Grow together, saving together

Why obtain a loan when you can borrow from friends and rotate the money without paying interest?

Flexible: Every week or every month, you save according to a calendar.

Interest-free: Building credit through flexible savings, such as rotating group savings, will help you become financially independent and included.

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